Rebuttal of Pro-Hezbollah, Pro-Hamas Posters

The following is a rebuttal of claims made on another blog (link below) in which the author, and those leaving comments, declare as fact that Hezbollah and Hamas do not and have not under any circumstances used civilian shields/infrastructure in carrying out their military operations; particularly in the 2006 Lebanon War.

My response:

The things I reported of here come from years of newspaper and online reading. To think that I have all of these resources in front of me, or bookmarked, is ridiculous.

Nonetheless, I will present some source material, per request, to substantiate what I have written above.

Now, before I present source material, I remember watching an international media conference during the 2006 Lebanon war in which Israel showed imagery captured via satellite of a pick-up truck mounted with a rocket launcher, firing in front of a civilian shelter and then speeding away. Moments later, the shelter was hit by Israeli return-fire.

Your comment regarding the throng of women in Gaza who came to rescue the Hamas fighters who had fled into a mosque, is absurd.

You wrote: “It rates as one of the best and most effective instances of non-violent civil resistance I have seen.”

So, an IDF convoy/patrol comes under ambush by Hamas, who claim so vehemently that they wish to kill Israelis, but when the fighting heats up, they flee into a mosque, and, once surrounded by the IDF, call upon a contingent of the local female population to step into the fray so that they may hide amongst them and escape the battle that they started. Some even dressed in the head-to-toe black garbs they found within the mosque prior to making their dash into the crowd of women.

Non-violent eh? Hamas engaged the IDF in a fire fight. If you’re going to start a fight, then fight. Don’t bring the civilian population into an ambush that you orchestrated and executed.

Regarding the source material below, I am sure you will brush off as nothing more than “Zionist propaganda.”

Excerpts from source reports will be documented below, each with links to the original material.

1) Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S), written by a team led by Dr. Reuven Erlich (Col. Ret.):

“This study analyzes two central concepts of Hezbollah’s warfare,
demonstrated during the second Lebanon war (July-August 2006). The first is
the broad use of the Lebanese civilian population as a living shield; the
second, viewing the Israeli civilian population as the primary target for the
enormous rocket arsenal Hezbollah built up over a period of years. Both acts
are considered war crimes under international law.”

“The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, which is part of the
Center for Special Studies,2 took upon itself to bring before the public
important aspects of the recent war, sifting, verifying, confirming and
compiling information that illustrates Hezbollah’s policies and modus
operandi. The IDF was forced to deal with a terrorist organization, generously
supported by two terrorism-sponsoring states (Iran and Syria), which
constructed a broad military infrastructure within populated areas in south
Lebanon. The organization systematically used local inhabitants as human
shields, cynically endangering their lives and well being.”

“This study examines Hezbollah’s exploitation of Lebanese civilians as
human shields. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization which
constructed a broad, advanced, comprehensive military
infrastructure within densely populated areas of Lebanon.
During the last war Hezbollah used that infrastructure to carry out a
massive series of previously planned rocket attacks against
population centers in Israel.”

“Hezbollah’s long-term plan, which was speeded up when the IDF
withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, was to a construct orderly, organized
military infrastructure within densely populated areas. They
were established in the southern neighborhoods of Beirut
(especially in Harat Hreik, where the organization’s command center is
located), in south Lebanon (especially south of the Litani River, the
heart of its operational infrastructure) and in the Beqa’a Valley
(especially in the region of Baalbek, where its training and logistics
facilities are located).”

“Hezbollah’s main deployments are the following:
a. Offensive: Before the outbreak of the second Lebanon war,
Hezbollah stockpiled an arsenal of more than 20,000 rockets of
various ranges, including long-range rockets capable of reaching
both the north and center of Israel. They were primarily
concentrated in south Lebanon and for the most part kept in
designated storehouses located in civilian structures (private
residences and public institutions) in many towns and villages. That
enabled Hezbollah to wage a long-term campaign against Israel
and to inflict extensive damage on its civilian population. Hezbollah
aspired to create a balance of deterrence with Israel and exploit
it to carry out attacks and encourage terrorism in the Palestinian
Authority-administered territories, and at the same time to
continue building up its military power in Lebanon.
b. Defensive: Hezbollah’s defensive deployment is based on its
military infrastructure south of the Litani River and in the hills
around Nabatiya. Its objective was to enable Hezbollah to conduct
guerilla attacks against the IDF with advanced anti-tank missiles,
engineering forces and well-trained and well-equipped infantry. Its
defensive infrastructure is based on a broad deployment within the
Shi’ite towns and villages south of the Litani River and the intention
to wage determined urban warfare (a concept well-illustrated by
operational plans captured by the IDF during the war). To
complement its military infrastructure within populated areas,
Hezbollah also constructed such an infrastructure in non-populated
areas, but its function is secondary in its overall defensive

<This study is huge; read more at below link>


2) NGO Monitor:

“Summary:  During the Israel-Hezbollah war in July/August 2006, major NGOs claiming to promote human rights, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW), published numerous reports primarily condemning Israeli military actions.  The claims were based on “evidence” provided by Lebanese eyewitnesses, whose credibility and links to Hezbollah were not investigated.  The Intelligence and Terrorism Center at the Israeli Center for Special Studies, in conjunction with the American Jewish Congress, has now issued a detailed report on these events.  It provides extensive documentation and photographic evidence of “Hezbollah’s consistent pattern of intentionally placing its fighters and weapons among civilians,” showing that Hezbollah was “well aware of the civilian casualties that would ensue” from this activity.”

“This NGO Monitor report compares the documented evidence presented in the report with HRW’s and Amnesty’s claims.”

“Human Rights Watch Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Report Discredits HRW’s “Fatal Strikes” Report (August 2006)

HRW’s “Fatal Strikes”
Claims HRW “found no cases in which Hezbollah deliberately used civilians as shields to protect them from retaliatory IDF attack.”
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Report

Shows through images, videos, seized documents, and other evidence that Hezbollah had a deliberate policy of “cynically exploiting the civilian population” by planting its “military infrastructure” within civilian areas.[3]

Specific Instances of Hezbollah Activity in Areas HRW Claims There was No Hezbollah Presence
“Fatal Strikes”
Bint Jbeil: Killing of 4 Civilians on July 15.

HRW eyewitness: “there was no fighting taking place in the village—there was no one but civilians. The civil defense was there to help us [recover the bodies].”
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Report

20 Bases and 5 Weapons storehouses inside the village are shown in an aerial photograph.[4]
87 rockets fired from within village houses, 109 from within a 200 meter radius of the village, and 136 within a 500 meter radius of the village.[5]
60 regular Hezbollah operatives in the village, including about 15 in charge of storehouses.[6]
Arms, ammunition, and equipment were stored in the village before the war. Some equipment was placed in storehouses; some inside civilian residential buildings.[7]
“Fatal Strikes”

Qana: Killing of “at least” 28 civilians on July 30.[8]
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Report

3 rockets fired from within village houses, 36 within a 200 meter radius, and 106 within a 500 meter radius.[9]
Aerial photograph of weapons storehouse located next to a mosque in the village.[10]
Hezbollah compound in former UN outpost just southwest of Qana.[11] “In Hezbollah’s view, outposts only serve to complement its infrastructure in the villages, perceived as the primary operative system.”[12]

“Fatal Strikes”

Aitaroun: Killing of 16 Civilians, July 16, and 10 civilians, July 17.

HRW eyewitness quotes:
“The positions of the [Hezbollah] resistance are around the village, not inside the village.
“There was no presence of the [Hezbollah] resistance inside the village.”
“To my knowledge, Hezbollah was not operating in the area, but I can’t be 100% sure because we were sleeping.”
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Report

18 rockets fired from within village houses, 23 within a 200 meter radius, and 54 within a 500 meter radius. [13]
Senior Hezbollah Figure, Nabil Qawouk speaking in Aitaroun at the memorial service for those killed in the village: “The arms are in the villages and towns on south Lebanon, but they are invisible.”[14]
“Fatal Strikes”

Dibbin (near Marja’youn): Killing of three civilians, July 19.

One witness told HRW that “Hezbollah was active outside the village but not inside it.”
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Report

Explosives from warehouses inside Dibbin transferred to Hezbollah sabotage teams; these explosives were to be used on key places on roads and junctions. [15]
The Hezbollah defense plan for the eastern sector of southern Lebanon involves both the reporting of fighters to the “infantry center” in Dibbin and the transfer of explosives from “storehouses” in Dibbin, to Hezbollah sappers.[16]
7 rockets fired from within village houses in Marjayoun, 11 within a 200 meter radius of Marjayoun, and 11 within a 500 meter radius of Marjayoun. [17]

<This list is quite expansive, and details account after account of Hezbollah deliberately using civilians and civilian infrastructure in its fight against Israel in 2006; click the below link for the full report>


3) Anti-Defamation League:

“Hezbollah – a U.S.-designated terrorist organization – has occupied the region south of the Litani River since shortly after Israel’s U.N.-certified withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000. Following that withdrawal, Hezbollah moved into the vacated area and established themselves in bunkers throughout civilian areas, despite the presence of UNIFIL observer troops stationed there under the terms of Security Council Resolution 1559.”

“Hezbollah terrorists live among civilians, store their weapons and hold meetings in civilian houses, and fire their rockets into Israel from civilian neighborhoods, in direct violation of international humanitarian law.”


These are just a few source reports that validate my claims.

I surmise that the people reading this post and leaving the above comments are at the core anti-Jew, anti-Israel.

May it be known that a large Jewish presence existed in Palestine long before the UN-mandated creation of the state in 1948 (The first proposal [UN Partition Plan] called for two states, Israel and Palestine, but the Palestinians rejected it, and therefore Israel was created in full); so large a presence that the Jews had multiple political wings and armed militias to protect their individual territories and people.

The growing Jewish population in Palestine can be traced as far back as the 12th century.

If this turns into a bitter dispute between conflicting ideologies, as I feel it might, then I will refrain from further posting here.

Read the above mentioned reports if you are truly interested.


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8 Responses to “Rebuttal of Pro-Hezbollah, Pro-Hamas Posters”

  1. Travis, Family Resources (is a link) Says:

    Using woman and children as a shield is unconscionable. Period!

    However, from my view of these events I have concluded that if a nation has the backing of The UN, it is called a “Liberator” when it hijacks a country, via military action in order for the corporates to incorporate the countries resources.

    But when a group of the peoples form groups to stave off, or fight to retain their countries resources, these are deemed “Terrorists” by the corporately controlled medias.

    From my perspective Great Brittan, Is-Ra-El, The US and other so called “Democracies” have been hijacked, thus countries such as Venezuela, Iran, China and Russia, have and will exercise their right to defend themselves from corporate take over.

    I believe what the seer of The Book of Revelation saw was these countries forming an alliance to liberate the peoples from the democracies that have been under the control of the aristocracy for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

    Who, or what is this aristocracy? Many speculate that they are the Illuminati from The Book of Enoch, the Freemasons from the time of Salomon and the like. But is it possible that they, this “Family”, or social memory complex that calls itself “Lucifer” are the testers of our resolve found in The Book of Job, The Law of One, The Apocrypha and many other sources?

    It appears that the truth is often more difficult to reckon than the many illusions fed to us by corporate medias.


    Travis, from Family Resources

  2. adventuresinventions Says:

    those hamas videos for children… very disturbing

    glorifying war

    but taking this to children in this way — not even trying to be subtle about it like cartoon network — means their heads are burning with fire. they can’t get over war. it’s a culture now.

    but you can’t just talk about education without stopping both sides from acting equally crazy

  3. juiceempire Says:


    In one of the source articles you posted above, by Paul de Rooj, he states:

    “An often-heard absolution of the Israeli bombing of civilians is that Hezbollah or Hamas ‘hide among civilians’. It is very easy to determine what would happen to Palestinian or Lebanese resistance groups if they were exposed, and thus suggestions that any group should fight the Israelis while standing in an open field are hypocritical.”

    Yes, it would be stupid for them to fight open pitched battles against a conventional army; thus the necessity to integrate into civilian population, at least to some degree.

    And also, from the same article:

    “Amnesty International weighs in by categorically stating that Hezbollah military presence in civilian areas amounts to a war crime [12].”

    These two statements imply, rather directly, that Hezbollah does in fact utilize civilian infrastructure, at least to a certain degree, in the planning and execution of their military operations.

    He also states:

    “Yet AI’s pontificating ignores the fact that current Israeli (and US) military tactics require the widespread use of terror against the population.”

    Now, I’m curious: The article, further down, implies that massive bombardment is the main mode in which the civilian population is terrorized.

    What other methods, in your opinion, are used by the U.S. and IDF, to elicit “terror” amongst the population? I’m curious specifically regarding the U.S. military. Psych-ops?

    War creates terror amongst the civilians; there’s no way around that.

    I liked the Asia Times article you listed, but wonder what sources they used in describing the MO of Hezbollah.


  4. gregvan Says:

    Hello: I wonder IF the war in Afghanistan has improved the life of any Americans? It seems like your opinion is that our war has improved the lives of the people of Afghanistan. I can see your point. You are right.

    However, those people over there have the responsibility for solving their own problems.

    So What if their country is a toxic cesspool… Let them fix it themselves… we have our OWN problems and can’t be the big daddy for all those people over there…

    Let’s use the money and American soldier’s lives to do something useful for Americans.

    For example: Why not use the US Army to stop methamphetamine ?

    or… Why not use the money and lives to teach American children to read? We could have soldiers visiting classrooms as tutors.

    What we are doing NOW is leading to increased Opium production and more Heroin in my town… The UN Study shows that when the Taliban was running the country Opium production became almost zero…

    • juiceempire Says:

      Greetings, and thanks for visiting.

      One has to keep in mind, that Al-Qaida (and their sponsors, the Taliban, former rulers of Afghanistan) directly attacked the United States of America, and killed over 3,000 civilians.

      We justly attacked them, on this basis.

      Regarding opium: It has been reported in numerous articles that the poppy fields of Afghanistan are a major economic engine for the Taliban insurgency. One of the missions of the 17,000 new combat troops arriving there this summer, according to reports, is going to be to raze the poppy fields and deny the Taliban the funds they reap from that venture.


  5. writergooddoer Says:

    So, america wants to kill their poppy fields without building industries for them to earn revenues in other ways.

    Ethnic cleansing.

    Although the afghans are white, they are muslim 🙂 and america hates islam.

    Besides, global opinion is that now we don’t know who actually did 9/11.

  6. writergooddoer Says:

    it’s been said before — america has been interfering with pakistan and india. but the truth is that we don’t have a problem with india. america wants to wage many wars here, it’s torture to brainwash people out of islam. so that’s why the great recession is very helpful. at some point in the near future they’re just going to have to stop farting with their mouths

    it’s my social class that decides here who the real enemy is. and i’m telling you the truth, from the day we are born we see bollywood. my family visited india 4 times a year

    they shouldn’t try to cover things up. we don’t like america. period. india is no enemy

  7. gregvan Says:

    Remember that Bush killed over 4,000 American soldiers in his BogusWar in Iraq. He is the #1 killer of Americans… 33% more than died on 9/11/2001…

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