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Pussy Pirate Offensive

April 15, 2009

These pussy pirates just attacked the unarmed American-flagged Liberty Sun with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons off the coast of Somalia, just days after the incident in which they got wrecked after trying to capture the Alabama (the first American-flagged ship attacked by pirates in 200 years).

Apparently these pirates, whose leaders apparently issued a statement that they would “avenge the deaths” of the three killed by U.S. sniper fire, are really pushing the limits here.

The pirates rode up on the Liberty and opened up with their weapons in an opening pre-boarding barrage; but boarding they were never able to do, thanks to the maneuvering of the Liberty Sun’s crew.

The USS Bainbridge, the U.S. destroyer that initially responded to the crisis involving the Alabama, was still carrying the rescued captain when she made contact with the Liberty Sun after this latest failed assault. After off-loading a unit of SEALS onto the Liberty Sun, the latter proceeded under Naval escort to their destination.

Since the captain of the Alabama was freed on Sunday, Somali pirates have captured four more vessels in an apparent offensive of muscle flexing, trying to prove they are undaunted by Obama’s call to take steps toward ending, or at least stemming, the amount of pirate-related activity in the region.

And the pirates say they will not be intimidated – thus this sudden surge in activity, directly after the stand-off involving the captain of the Alabama, I see as a potential sign of weakness, rather than strength.

It has been a commonly held notion that these brigands, at the core,  are nothing more than businessmen (albeit thieving thugs) – they capture vessels (brandishing weapons and firing into the air), and hold the crew and ship hostage until they are paid.

As the Associated Press wrote:

“So far, Somali pirates have never harmed captive foreign crews except for a Taiwanese crew member who was killed under unclear circumstances. In fact, many former hostages say they were treated well and given sumptuous food.”

Ok, then why are the Somali pirating warlords turning this into a war against international forces?

They claim the whole reason they began pirating was because other nations would fish illegally in Somali waters, while others would dump toxic waste off their coast. In response, the Somalis began seizing such ships, and soon realized they stumbled into a lucrative business.

Ok, back to the matter at hand:

It has been said the issue of brigandry on the open seas is a direct reflection of conditions in Somalia.

Things are shitty in Somalia; controlled by rival warlords, including a fundamentalist Islamic militia, Al-Shabaab, which has links to al Qaida.

The U.S. already has branches of the CIA operating in the area, and at least one reported airstrike has been carried out against a suspected training camp linked to al-Qaida, in 2007.

If we landed Marines onto these coastal pirate-village strongholds in Somalia, would the pirates even fight? Or would they simply hide their weapons and slip into the population?

That’s where the CIA comes in…Maybe some psych-ops?

We could always pull a Tony Poe and blanket the pirate stronghold villages in the decapitated heads of white people.

It would have to be white people; if the heads were of their own ethnicity, it would incite rage and revenge, but to drop white heads on their villages, and I’m talking thousands and thousands, from the air, would terrify them.

But where would we get these heads?

Perhaps a more logistically sound operation would be to pile up the guts and entrails from American-based slaughter houses, and I’m talking like 20-tons of the stuff, and blanket the strongholds with that.

If we had a greater breadth of intelligence gathering resources in the coastal areas of Somalia, we could initiate a target killing campaign, via airstrike, against the leaders of these pirating rings.

Another alternative that has been floated in American media is to devote a large contingent of American and international warships to completely blockade Somalia, while simultaneously rooting through their shipping and destroying the “mother ships” used as jumping off points for the smaller pirate skiffs in the open seas. Again, the CIA would have to be heavily involved to pinpoint land-based targets, epicenters of operation.

I don’t know – Somalia is a piece of shit with no government, and I sure as shit don’t want to see American forces get entangled in that bullshit, especially after what went down in the ’90s.

We’ll see.


Somali Pirates and Defecation

April 14, 2009


And enter U.S. spotlight: Pirates

Alright, I’m not entirely sure of the pirating dynamics, but it seems this recent bout regarding the captured American captain from the Alabama cargo ship was carried out by perhaps a splinter group of the larger, more organized, and more aware pirating entities.

And by aware I mean – not targetting American-flagged ships.

Is the fact that no American shipping has been attacked by pirates for 200 years coincidental, or deliberate?

The spike in piracy activity off the coast of Somalia these past number of years has yet, until now, hit a vessel with an American flag…I would need to know what percentage of all American merchant craft that travel the globe pass through those waters annually in order to frame a better picture of whether their lack of targetting the U.S. is coincidence or deliberate.

As an American, I would like to think it deliberate; these are businessmen, at the core (albeit robbers), and tend to choose shipping from, oh, say the Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, etc. Countries that are weak.

Well, they’ve hit some Frenchies and the Frenchies wrecked their shit; I’m going to be blunt now.

The Frenchies Commando-stormed three times shipping that had been seized by pirates, quiet aggressively in fact (perhaps a subconscious outpouring of their bitterness and humiliation regarding not only their wreckage in World War II, but the reputation they’ve hauled around ever since; probably became embedded in their genetic code, an evolution of the mind, much as what has happened to the Slav Russians when they, too, were destroyed by German military might [and their destruction would have been complete if it weren’t for the initial aid we sent them, Hitler going completely crazy and going against the advice of the very generals who won for him the stunning victories early in the war and, of course, the devastating invasion of France by the United States and allied contingents]).


The Frenchies storming shit and not caring; makes sense, they have something to prove.

Going way off track.

Now the pirates got an American; blah blah, read a news websites for the details, three of the pirates received lethal penetrations of high caliber ammunition and got wrecked. The fourth was already on the USS Bainbridge (One of several U.S. warships in the area that reponded) and was held in custody.

NOW: The leaders of the major pirating rackets operating out of the coast of Somalia are no doubt DEFECATING into their pants right now as I write…And you know why?


The USS Boxer sits just off-shore, and this fine amphibious assault ship contains an on-board contingent of 2,000 Marines whose job it is to storm beach-heads in lightning quick assaults on unsuspecting areas – sort of like a quick-response force.

Now while I doubt we’ll actually land troops at these pirate port strongholds, they don’t know that. All they know is they’ve pissed off America and are probably asking themselves what the fuck is going to happen.

What they DO know is they’ve just entered an arena that, until now, we’ve (I will now simply say ‘we’ as in America, because as stated above, I’m an American) largely kept to the sidelines while negotiations between pirates and OTHER nations and ship owners took place. Now it has become personal…Don’t tug on superman’s cape, as one U.S. diplomat told a representative of some Islamic fanatical group based in Lebanon, although I don’t believe it was Hezbollah…


It appears we’ve conducted a combination of psych-ops and baiting for the Somalis at one of their port-village pirating bastions.

On Saturday afternoon, two United States helicopter gunships rode over and hovered above the pirate stronghold of Harardhere, along the Somali coast, according to a New York Times affiliated newspaper.

One of these helicopters LANDED for about 10 minutes, terrifying the locals and scattering all the little animals so common in Somalian villages.

“‘I have no idea what is happening,’ said Laila Arale, a local farmer who sent her sons to sleep elsewhere Sunday night, fearing that the United States might attack Somalia from the air. ‘I’m scared.'”

Perhaps we were trying to get them to fire on us? Perhaps we just wanted to fuck with them outright?

Alright then. But what about the pirate leaders…are they scared?

I’m sure they’re certainly pissed.

I envision several major piracy ventures in operation along the Somali coast, akin to perhaps families in an Italian mafia setting, and I bet the pirates who tried to take the American-flagged ship were probably running their own little rag-tag splinter group.

I would imagine the big boys running the major pirating outfits probably have standing orders not to attack American shipping, and will either kill the pirates affilitated with this smaller operation that went so disastrously awry (for bringing the heat down on their otherwise lucrative operations), or deliver some kind of punitive action against them, because now the HEAT is on frank.

This could turn out to be nothing. If we landed troops, I doubt these pirates would fight – they want money, not war.

They’re probably hiding all their weaponry and pirating paraphernalia now, and will dissolve into the population if any such landing were to occur, which as stated above, I doubt will happen.

As far as an aerial bombing campaign: What exists in Somalia that can be destroyed?

There is an ever-increasing al-Qaida presence in the country, and yes SAD (Special Activities Division; Wiki it) is already involved regarding that.

Bottom Line:

The Somali’s who live in these coastal pirate villages, and the pirates themselves, are dropping defecates, and will continue to do so for at least a few more days, until it becomes clear what we’re going to do, which is probably nothing.

Nonetheless, having the Boxer sitting out there on the horizon, coupled with the Gunships flying over these villages – they’re certainly concerned, although the brigand leaders are putting up a tough exterior “We will avenge their deaths,” speaking of the pirates that were wrecked, blah blah.

12 hours of intense, perpetual American aerial bombardment and they’d be done: Either dead, or psychologically devastated for the rest of their lives.

They’ve seized more shipping in the past 24-hours…but their targets: Greece, Lebanon, what are these shit-poor weak countries going to do?

Regarding the attack on the U.S. ship:

Time will tell…They boarded an un-armed American vessel, the first such instance in 200 years…One of the pirates got an ice-pick through the hand, the ship was re-taken by the all-American crew, the pirates were left with the captain and took the lifeboat, and all but one were eventually torn through by SEAL snipers.

200 years.

Welcome back.