Response to Mr. Head in Stars

The following is my response to Masood Sharif Khan Khattak’s report, the link to which is:

My response:


“Replacing military activity with developmental activity.”


The two go hand in hand. First route the Islamo-Fascists that are the core of the Taliban, and then civilian workers move in and create viable institutions.

Peace deals with the Taliban? Are you reading about the SWAT Peace Accord?
You cannot deal with the Taliban, because they are strongarms.

In the accord, the Taliban agreed to disarm, and to cease all violent/military activities, and in return the Pakistani government would allow them to implement their variant of Sharia law in SWAT and neighboring districts. That was the core of the agreement.

What happened?

Within days, hundreds of heavily armed Taliban marched into Buner, raided civilian-based instituations, routed government officials and occupied their houses.

Yes, they listen to peace deals.

As far as the U.S. withdrawing after said “peace deals” are in place, this is completely absurd.

This is the whole reason why the ISI continues to support the Taliban, because they fear another abandonment by the United States similiar to that which occured when the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan.

Because of this, the ISI uses certain elements of the Taliban, along with other non-state militant entities, as a hedge against both India in Kashmir and Afghanistan (A long-standing border dispute exists between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Pakistan sees the Taliban as a viable bulwark against potential Afghani trespasses made against the border).

So, we have “peace talks,” and disengage from operations against the Taliban, who claim so strongly they wish to kill every westerner. That would be great wouldn’t it, because then the Taliban will be able to lay down their arms, large swaths will go back to their home countries, and the natives can tend their fields and flocks, right?

No, they will see the weakness of this American approach, and will begin preparations for further advances.

TALIBAN, and fanatical Arab militant groups in general, at the core level, LISTEN AND RESPOND TO VIOLENCE, not talking.

Your point about Indian influence in Afghanistan is certainly valid, and steps do need to be made to curb that.

And large elements of the ISI DO SUPPORT non-state entities such as certain elements of the Taliban as a hedge against India and Afghanistan, this is in Pakistan’s own strategic interest.

The Obama administration is putting forth a huge increase in diplomatic and civilian activity so as to facilitate a stabilizing of Afghanistan.

But you say we should sit back and let the Taliban spread out eh?

Disrupt Taliban/Al Qaida infrastructure via military strikes and covert activities, then install civilian institutions.

We were building a highway in Afghanistan, something the locals in that area had long wanted. The Taliban came in and told them they’d be killed if they continued to support and work on the project; so out of fear they withdrew from the highway development project.

Had we had a military outpost in or near the village, the Taliban’s access would have been severely limited, and the civilian infrastructure program would have proceeded unchecked.



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5 Responses to “Response to Mr. Head in Stars”

  1. adventuresinventions Says:

    Hi juice,

    Cool website. You can find more interesting stuff at adventuresinventions.wordpress

    Love you,


  2. juiceempire Says:


    I was away for a day or so, couldn’t respond to you at the time.


    Ha, I have no idea what you’re talking about.


  3. writergooddoer Says:

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  4. adventuresinventions Says:

    mother was right.

    now i’ve learned over the years that when your elders say things, you don’t always rebuff them

    nanu told me years back i shouldn’t study in germany. i remember i got a brochure back in 1999-2000? she said, what’s the point

    i had one big framed picture of her left with me, a picture we both took together in a studio. that was also left in germany 😦

  5. adventuresinventions Says:

    once i was about to go to saudi arabia for umrah

    but when i was told things

    i was so discouraged i didn’t go

    for example, how can you smoke there in public

    how can i stay at the kaaba without a male chaperone

    how can i walk back to my hotel after praying for a long time

    i was going with a group of people, but they wouldn’t have stayed with me, they were on their own

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