Wrecking Af-Pak (Phase One)

Alright then; this is big-time, real-time, will take serious balls.

This effort is phase one of a plan I have developed that would involve the use of U.S. unconventional Special Operations Forces (SOF) to destablilize, confuse and, eventually, destroy the Taliban-Al-Qaida infrastructure in place in the tribal areas in Pakistan, along the border with Afghanistan.

If the U.S. government and affiliated agencies devoted the manpower, resources and BALLS needed to carry out the operation, as documented below, I feel certain it would, on a strategic level, completely revamp global perceptions of the United States and how we operate.

Also, it would secure the drip of power that has increasingly become like a flood flowing into the jowls of Taliban-Al-Qaida factions in Pakistan.


A group of elite American forces, numbering in the thousands, would be trained in the nitty gritty of asymmetrical warfare: They will become the best guerrilla fighters the world has ever seen.


It goes without saying they would have to look like Arabs.

I recall reading an article in a New York Times affiliated newspaper a few years back that reported a raid carried out in an Afghan village by U.S. Special Forces. After the lightning-quick attack, locals were telling reporters that a group of Arabs with full beards had carried it out.

Turned out they were U.S. Special Forces.

So the pretense already exists: Our SOF operating in and around Afghanistan have already undertaken to look like Arabs. Why not broaden this?

The group that would be involved in the first phase of the operation I am detailing would number about 3,500 – all training with the utmost of secrecy.

Initially small groups would infiltrate enemy territory.

They will sunbath daily, to darken the skin; facial hair will be grown into full beards (facial hair follicle transplants for those who can’t) and dye to darken the hair. They will learn the language(s) of the area(s) in which they will be operating, along with the specific dialects.

They will specialize in unorthodox methods of warfare; and while they train the CIA, namely the Special Activities Division (SAD), will step up their activities drastically in Pakistan, where they already have a large presence.

A operational hypothetical involving the opening engagement phase of this operation will be as follows:

Three units of these specially trained American fighters (Force A, Force B and Force C), each numbering 350 men, will infiltrate Pakistan via indirect routes, under the cover of darkness.

These three groups will be augmented by several groups of similiarly training SOF, numbering 50-100 each, to secure flanks and spread further confusion and hamper enemy movement.

They will not simply march in via column formation; perhaps groups will be inserted at a time, and meet up at designated rendezvous points.

The three main units will be operating deep into the rear operating areas of the Taliban and their respective client militias.

The U.S. forces will be wearing Arab clothing common for the area, and will fight using weaponry associated with such insurgent groups: They will have no U.S. air support, no large-scale artillery.

Instead, they will use AK-47s, mortars, light to heavy machine-guns, grenades, rocket-propelled grenades, etc.

Group A will attack a Taliban stronghold, some kind of village, at night.

The unsuspected Taliban fighters will be destroyed, and those remaining will be routed.

Group A will then cut the heads off the dead enemy and stick them onto stakes surrounding the village, forming a ring of sorts, along with some kind of symbol of the Taliban.

And what says Taliban? What is their signature? The black turban.

On each stake, below the head at the top, tie an unraveled black turban to the stake and have it spiraling toward the ground.

Message: Taliban got fucked up here, Taliban stay away, be afraid.


Upon conversing with an associate of mine, perhaps the staking of Taliban heads on pikes surrounding the villages of conquered Taliban strongholds by American elite forces operating under the guise of an unknown “Arab militia” is a bit much, in realist terms, when taking into account the standards of American morality as a global beacon.

So, instead of putting the heads of dead combatants on pikes, we’ll just pile the bodies into large mounds at the village center, with their black turbans scattered about like wild desert rollers blown in the breeze of devastated late-afternoon.>


Group A would then displace and leave the area, dissolve into the terrain and hide.

Meanwhile, when Taliban reinforcements reach the attacked and conquered village, the only people around will be stunned, confused villagers talking about how a group of Arabs stormed the place and caused all this damage.

So now the Taliban will be asking: Who did this? A rival faction? Have the Americans paid of some outback tribal group to do this?

Confusion and dissension will be born, and their minds will begin churning around all the possibilities of betrayal, revenge, etc.

At about this time, Group B, operating say 100 miles to the northwest, will carry out a similiar attack against another Taliban strong-point, and will again disappear, leaving only the grissly remains and the symbolic stakes rooted into the ground around the village’s periphery, or simply a MOUND of dead enemy combatants at the village center.

The location for this second attack will be far enough away so as to give the impression that the first attacking party could not possibly have transversed the grounds in time to carry out the second attack; or could they?

Now what? Ghost divisions? What’s happening?

Meanwhile Group C will be holding in a mid-point between Group A and B, acting as a quick-reaction force to any sudden counter-moves.

These initial attacks would have to focus on the same Taliban faction; make them think another player has emerged, grappling for power.

I understand the complicated dynamics involved regarding the Afghanistan-Pakistan-India axis, and what has been detailed here in this report is simply a covert, hypothetical and undisclosed military operation targetting the assymetrical fighters of the Taliban, and their client militias, who have been gaining more and more ground in the Pakistani Tribal Belt.

The diplomatic, official push regarding the above-mentioned issues I will not touch upon in this piece.

As the days progress, more such units will be inserted, each consisting of a few hundred men. They will create chaos and confusion: Controlled chaos.

Stronghold after stronghold will fall; confusion, disorientation and paranoia will consume the minds of the Taliban commanders, and their front-line fighters will suffer serious damage to their morale and will to fight.

Some will ask: After this is all said and done, what will the world think of the cutting off of enemy heads and staking them to the ground by the Americans?

Well, the CIA does fucked up things all the time that are not disclosed; and the U.S. government could either refuse to comment, or disclose an “alliance” with local “tribal entities.”

This is Phase One.


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15 Responses to “Wrecking Af-Pak (Phase One)”

  1. pakistanpal Says:

    Your plan makes some sense… to counter Taliban, infiltration in to the Taliban culture is extremely important.

    How this is done is a different story… spies, if caught, are killed in the most brutal manner. So yes… your emphasis on BALLS is quite valid.

    I would say that the spy work should be as short as possible and operations as swift as possible with no prisoners… unless required to extract further information.

    Operations must be carried out in multiple areas simultaneously…

    Focus should be to destroy the Taliban network along with the will to regroup ever again… areas secured should then immediately fall in to the social development of the civilians to gain their good will and trust.

  2. learnpashto Says:

    I don’t know this will work. I just read in Ghost Wars that the CIA had trained and paid agents to attack on a farm where Osama bin Laden was living in 1997 in Kandahar, but then left the plan altogether because high officials in Langley, the central office of CIA, thought the plan was stupid. This nonsense of the Taliban was created by the CIA itself through the ISI, and that is why it can’t eliminate it.

    • juiceempire Says:

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my post.

      The operation I detailed is entirely different, both in method and scope, from an isolated raid against a farm targeting bin Laden in ’97.

      The Pakistani intelligence branch, ISI, use militia groups (including certain factions of the Taliban) as a hedge against India, as well as Afghanistan (Pakistan and Afghanistan have a long-standing dispute regarding their border lines).

      So there does exist a complicated dynamic involving the true motives of Pakistan, as it goes without saying their military and intelligence services really have the power, not their new, weak civilian government.

      Pakistan is trying to set itself up in a strategically beneficial position for the eventual American withdrawal of forces from the region.

      I will now go to your blog and check it out.

      Thanks again.


    • soldier4hillary Says:

      That is one thing so many people don’t realize, and I even did not realize it until reading some old archives in regards to how much we played a part with them. Its like the whole “creating a monster” and now we have to deal with the problem. Especially considering we are part of it. I would think we would learn from Russia and whatever the goal may be in Afghanistan for us….time will tell.

      However, I don’t think it is as simple as “paying” the Taliban money to stop fighting and really can’t believe that is part of a actual strategy or plan. If it was as simple as that we wouldn’t be there. These people are not fighting for money they are fighting based on there idealogy and you can’t stop that. In my opinion that is.

  3. soldier4hillary Says:

    I agree to a extent basicly because some of what you state in regards to infiltration and *blending* in to integrate would be damn effective, plus they do that now to a degree I am sure. However your friend was right about the “head chopping and staking” portion. I have been to Afghanistan during Anaconda when they went in to Shahi-Kot Valley and whoever they would, hypothetically speaking, send should be very used to that terrain. Hell, you have came up with more details for a plan than this administration. Hope you don’t mind but I want to reference your article on a post (with proper credit and citing of course to you). More focus should be on Af-Pak with everything happening right now.

    Well, not just there but it seems everything is happening at once.

  4. juiceempire Says:


    I appreciate your reading and commenting on my post.

    I would be glad to have my article referenced in your upcoming post, and look forward to reading it.

    We will be in contact soon.

    Thanks again.


  5. Larry Barnes Says:

    Wrong employment of SOF. The first proof would be SOF killed by Pak’s or Pak’s killed by SOF in a chance encounter. Second proof would be captured SOF paraded in front of the press by the ISI.

    Proper employment of SOF in Pakistan would be as advisor’s to the Pak Army and as SOG (Studies and Observation Group) operated in Vietnam.

    The desire for a spectacular action is counter balanced by the MSM (Marxist Stalinist Media) portrayal of a turd holding an AK47 and sitting on a goat as a fitting army to humble the United States of America.

    As NATO has attempted to build an Army, Government and infrastructure in Afghanistan and We and our Allies conducted a war in Iraq, offensive operations in Afghanistan were put on hold. The cyclic nature of the fighting in Afghanistan has always provided the MSM with the headlines it needed. “Increasing”, “escalating” and all the other gloom and doom adjectives attached to headlines were just the natural result of the decreasing, deescalating conflict that was not reported.

    My prediction is that NATO and our Afghan allies will role the Taliban and al Qaeda forces at a time of our choice. Pakistan will join the fight at the appropriate point and with the means necessary to crush organized elements that threaten its security.

  6. juiceempire Says:

    I thank you for reading and commenting on my post.

    The units that would be involved in this operation would be hard-core to the extreme; perhaps even going so far as carrying poison-capsules in case of capture.

    But if one was captured, he would appear Arabic, and speak the local dialect (As noted in my report). Making these soldiers look and speak like locals would be one of the hardest challenges to the project. They would also have to be very familiar with the village/town infrastructure of the area at large.

    So having them paraded by the ISI wouldn’t do a whole lot, I don’t believe. I don’t think a chance would be given by the ISI, or anyone else, to do such a public thing, given the confusion the operation is intended to create at all levels, and its short duration.

    The emphasis is surprise and confusion. Multiple, near-simultaneous attacks on Taliban strongholds across the North West Frontier Province by U.S. forces guised as Arab militia. Keep in mind, this is only Phase One of the plan (Currently developing Phase Two).

    This initial incursion by the units I’ve detailed would last at the most 3-5 days before Phase Two would officially commence. There would be too much confusion and chaos (On the part of the Taliban, ISI, the media, etc.) for any concrete steps to be taken to disclose the true nature of the program through captured personnel. Suddenly Phase Two kicks in and all eyes are on that.

    As far as the advisors in Vietnam; where did that get us?

    I know we can go on all day about American failure to fully commit to the Vietnam war, but what I am calling for in this report is a progressive, proactive approach – a covert operation (Would not be necessary, if concerted action was in fact taken by the Pakistanis in conjunction with an offensive by American/NATO/Afghan forces).

    Regarding the MSM, I will point you to a post I wrote, “Cowardice of the Enemy,” and say that anybody with a brain and desire to look at the issue will soon realize that the Taliban are a nothing, in terms of combat capability and will to stand and fight (even in the guerilla sense).

    They rarely ambush American forces; their idea of an ambush is to get onto a ridgeline and fire a couple mortars down on an outpost and then disappear. They do more, of course, such as killing civilians, or ambushing NATO columns in brief encounters that leave the Taliban routed, but all this is outlined in the post.

    In your comment, you seem to have left out the U.S. as being the forward operating component in Afghanistan; namely along the border. I assume you lumped them in with NATO.

    You wrote: “The desire for a spectacular action is counter balanced by the MSM (Marxist Stalinist Media) portrayal of a turd holding an AK47 and sitting on a goat as a fitting army to humble the United States of America.”

    I’m not sure what you mean here when you say the “desire for … action is counter balanced” by the MSM’s depiction.

    I am assuming the “desire for spectacular action” refers to the plan I have developed and detailed in this post.

    If such an operation was carried out, successfully (And I think it would be successful, if given the proper attention to detail and training, timing, behind-the-scenes diplomatic efforts, intelligence-gathering, etc. And also keep in mind Phase Two), then I believe the MSM will have no further basis for such a negative implication of American military capabilities and the will to engage effectively.

    They will continue in their propaganda, that goes without saying.

    Thanks again; look forward to hearing from you soon.


  7. Larry Barnes Says:

    NATO is the command center for actions in Afghanistan. The facts concerning who carries the majority of the belt to belt combat, I don’t dispute.

    My predictions on SOF employment were just the most probable. If your plan is chosen, you will never be able to prove it unless one of my “proofs” occurs.

    If you follow the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indian in the MSM, your lost.

    Can you name the one condition in the Swat agreement that doomed it to failure and an MSM hole that “may” have let it leak?

    • juiceempire Says:

      Mr. Barnes;

      I would like for you to clarify, just so we’re on the same page, what you mean by “proofs” and the significance of the MSM.

      “Can you name the one condition in the Swat agreement that doomed it to failure and an MSM hole that “may” have let it leak?”

      One condition that led to failure in the Swat Accord was the assumption by Pakistan that the Taliban would honor the agreement and lay down their arms.

      As far as “an MSM hole that ‘may’ have let it leak,” again, I’m not sure what you mean.

      Please clarify.


  8. writergooddoer Says:

    Larry you look hot and intellectual 🙂 I hope you don’t mind, I saw your photo 🙂

  9. adventuresinventions Says:

    I would think that thinking about war is a good sexual release? Does anybody agree?

    Especially for men with aggressive sex tendencies.

  10. juiceempire Says:

    The core of war is power and dominance.

    I personally have no conscious connection between war and sex, but I’m sure plently do; at the very least on a subconscious level.


  11. Larry Barnes Says:

    “Proofs” just means an occurrence that would prove a prediction to have merit.

    The MSM leaks like a colander when it fits there purpose. One single “hole” in a colander is meaningless, but many make it a useful tool.

    “Evil has many tools, and a lie is a handle that fits each one”.

    Yes, the most important point in the Swat agreement, in regards to its failure, was the requirement that the Taliban disarm. If you remember what happened to the foreign fighters in Afghanistan when they disarmed and surrendered, you will understand why this was the key to now occurring failure.

    The foreign fighters betrayed by the Pak’s are now being slaughtered in the current fighting. The MSM calls the current situation like a blind umpire. The are more than two teams on the field. The natives will be able to establish rules and play together nice. The foreigners need to run or hide, because no agreement is going to leave them on Pak territory.

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