North Korean Missile Launch

I wonder what would have happened if Obama would have issued orders for a targeted strike against the rocket and launch pad that North Korea had set up in the northwest of its country prior to its launching.

Because to be quiet frank here, that whole spectacle made us look like a bunch of pussies.

Here Clinton is waddling around “Stern response stern response” blah blah blah, and when the missle is fired (and failed, ha, but still showed improvement from the North’s last attempted launch of a long-range missile which blew up, I believe, 20 seconds after take-off) …. nothing happens.

Sure an emergency UN Security Council was called into session, but the members failed, due to our loving friends China and Russia, which will be discussed in due time, to issue even a statement of condemnation against the launch.

“Oh, it was to launch a communications satellite into orbit, oh, oooh, c’mon guys. I’m ova hea Chawy!”


Even if it was launching a satellite – if a rocket can carry it into orbit, then the technology obviously exists for an intercontinental ballistic missile delivery system.

So it was dual test, and no “stern response” was given.

Now, had we hit that piece before it was even launched, just the rocket while it sat on the launch pad, what kind of a message would that have sent to the world regarding America under our new administration?

They’d probably be saying things like, “Well shit, he may be a democrat, but don’t fuck with Obama.”

Let’s be real here, nobody wants North Korea to have nukes, and recent reports suggest they have four warheads (but are lacking the technology needed to compact them and fit them onto a delivery system, ie: a rocket).

I’ve floated a theory for some time, that I am sure many others share, that China could very well orchestrate these little acts of bravado carried out by North Korea just to see our reaction, while they remain on the sidelines, notebooks in hand.

So let’s say we had hit this piece jon, what would’ve happened?

Would the North snap and begin launching it’s medium range rockets, outfitted with conventional explosives, at South Korea and Japan?

Would they make arrangements for another invasion of the South?

What would the world think?

Some would no doubt condemn our actions, but most, even if only in private, would applaud.

And if the North went high-wire (Kim il Jong Long Eeerie Facial Tissue did have a stroke, afterall, which very well could be a contributing factor to pushing him over the edge if we had actually hit the site prior to launch) and began war with her neighbors – but this is assuming that he has absolute power over his country and its military – that would be a perfect opportunity for us to wreck their shit once and for all.

If he began attacking his neighbors in response to our destroying his little baby project icbm … well, I suppose we could unleash a devastating, and horrifyingly intense, bombardment of the country which, I surmise, once confronted with such an onslaught from both land and sea, would completely and utterly collapse into itself in a matter of days…

And then the issue arises: Will China once again step in to defend the North, to keep it as a buffer state and to keep, as Mao so poetically phrased it, “The American imperialists,” from sitting on their border?

But that was a different time.

The Chinese intervention in the Korean War was prompted by fears held by the Chinaman that the real American objective was to take control of North Korea as phase one of a much larger operation, that would involve using it as a jump-off point to tear right into the grissled heart of China herself (and I say grissled because, well shit, they had just come out of quiet a few decades of bloodletting themselves).

They also feared an onslaught of Korean refugees flooding into their lands and mixing blood with the Chinese.

Their disputes go back centuries and centuries; but from what I’ve gathered, the Chinese do not want the Koreans to fuck their women and have halflings running around, no Korean blood in the China blood, and I’m sure the Koreans feel the same way about there being no China blood in the Korean blood.

Things are much different now:

For starters, if China engages us as it did during the Korean War, it very well could turn into a major world war (If McCarther was given clearance to drop atom bombs on China when it first became known that the great Chinese Wave, “like a wheat field rippling in the wind, as far as the eye could see,” was descending upon our forces as they mopped up operations in the North, China would be nowhere near being a viable and potentially [give them another 15 to 20 years or so] devastating military power now).

Economics – China fights us, their economy tanks, as would ours, us being so inter-connected and what not. And given the current global depression taking place right now anyways, I don’t think they would want to get involved in a massive military engagement with the world’s most powerful military.

I don’t think America wants to get into a protracted war with China right now either; given our issues in the Middle East.

Or, for that matter, as an associate of mine pointed out, the United States does not want to go anywhere near the risk of sparking another war…Not right now, not with the economy the way it is; not with our forces already involved in the Mideast and Southern Asian.

But in a situation regarding military action against a frenzied and aggressive response on behalf of North Korea had we destroyed their missile before it launched, our role would be from the sea, and from the sky.

I believe the current force of American troops in South Korea numbers 30,000.

South Korean forces could spearhead north, supported both logistically and militarily (bombardment, targeted strikes, etc.) by the U.S.

Would China object?

They would certainly object at the prospect of millions of half-starved North Koreans flooding across the border into the heart of China. That would just piss them off.

But perhaps China could even help us in such an endeavor; not necessarily by using their military to spearhead from the north (although that would be painfully ironic), but just to beef up their border and keep the skinny hordes of Koreans from coming over.

Again, this goes back to China’s real involvement regarding North Korea.

If the North in fact is a proxy-type entity that China uses not only as a buffer region, but also to test American responses to acts of belligerency, then China would be very much against a toppling of the Northern Regime.

I wonder how much we’ve beefed up the military of the South since the end of the Korean War.

Bottom line here: The North Korean launch made us look like pussies, and I think we should have balled up and risked it by destroying the missile while it sat fueling up on its launchpad.

Hit that shit franky.



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One Response to “North Korean Missile Launch”

  1. adventuresinventions Says:

    I appreciate that you pointed this out:

    “Bottom line here: The North Korean launch made us look like pussies, and I think we should have balled up and risked it by destroying the missile while it sat fueling up on its launchpad.”

    Very interesting observation.

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